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Street photography and thinking outside the box!!

The technique of shooting through something or even placing an object in front of the camera lens can instantly add interest and dimension to a photograph. As a street photographer i find i am constantly scanning the environment that i am in, looking for ideas to transform my photos. That could be a glass window or glass pane from a car, bus or building. Shooting your subject from the outside throuh glass can create an interesting distance between the camera and the subject as well as creating some pretty cool reflections. Some of my favourite photographs have been shot through a window or by catching the reflection in a piece of glass. I class myself as an introvert street photographer i like to to try and shoot people through windows without them noticing me. when someone doesnt know you are there the photograph can often tell a story. By this i mean you could catch 2 people deep in conversation the expressions on the face and the movements with the hands are alot more relaxed than that of someone who has spotted you and isnt to sure what you are doing.

The below Photograph was taken in the lanes in Brighton while i was taking part in a photography meet up challenge. The challenge was to take as many reflection shots as you could in 45 mins. There was a wedding party coming out of the church as i walk passed a pub with small windows surounded in very small worn wooden frames i spotted the refection. The wedding party were getting in to postion for their wedding photographer. I quickly took the shot!!! To me the photographer shows a happy moment being shared by the bride, groom and bridemaid and they are totally unaware of my presence or the photographe being taken. This photo is my favourite reflection i have taken to date.

Shooting through trees and objects i have found alot harder than shooting through glass. I was finding it really hard to hold focus on the object rather than the tree branches. I watched alot of youtube videos on the subject and decided that i needed to learn back button focus in order to get better at this. it has taken me a while to get used to back button focus, i shoot with a Canon 5d mark1V setting up back button was really stright forward. The below photo was taken at St Pauls in London. There are lots of trees surroudning the gardens at St Pauls i spotted a tree that had alot of small thin branches using back button focus i was able to hold focus on St Pauls and shoot through the branches. I prefer to shoot in black and white and this gives this phot quite a moody feel to it. It was also february and cloudy!!

At a recent photography meet up in London someone said to me that they focussed on one type of photography untill they have perfected it. for them it was street portraits. Since then i have been focussing on shooting through objects mainly trees, but also a few fences and shapes that i have spotted while out and about. The photo below of Big Ben was shot through a wire fence i had to take the photo looking up through the fence in order to get the angle for Big Ben to be fairly straight. This one was taken in colour i did try taking it in black and white but due to the wire fencing being quite close together the photo in camera wasnt showing the separation between the fence and Big Ben. I much prefer the look in colour.

Over the next few months my street photography is going to be very much focussing on shootiing through objects untill i feel like i am confident doing this in different environments. Who knows i might even try shooting through objects for street portraits!!!

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